Types of Cloud based Auto Dialer System

Do you own a telemarketing company and search for some ways to make your work easier and more efficient? Well, if the answer is yes, then you must be zeroed down on the predictive dialing system without giving a second thought. This computer system can be used in companies to call a large number of clients automatically. If you think of making calls on a small scale, then surely the task does not seem to be tedious. However, when agents have to make thousands of calls then the need for the system becomes indispensable.

When going out to buy the predictive dialing system, you can come across different types of systems on the market. It is true that all types of predictive systems perform the same function but service delivery and architecture vary greatly from one type to another. Here you can take a look at the different types of predictive dialing systems.

1. Soft Markers: This is the most basic and cheapest marker system. In this system, only the software is provided to the buyer and expensive telephony equipment is not required. These systems are more or less like auto dialer systems of traditional hardware, but are still better than they are. Some of the facilities that can be enjoyed after buying this system include voice recording, IVR, call classification, and analysis of call progress, voice recognition, text-to-speech and a few others.

2. Hard Markers: these systems use different types of hardware telephony equipment to carry out the tasks of analyzing call progress. These systems can be connected to any phone and hence offer ease of mobility. These systems can handle thousands of calls simultaneously and are useful in large-scale companies. It also allows fast switching between calls as both the call are in place. However, this system is much more expensive than those mentioned above.

3. Smart Predictive Dialers: This type of system is advanced in performance compared to the aforementioned systems with features like voice messages. Here, the agents only have to speak with interested clients only and this saves your time greatly. The callers list can be processed without many problems in this system.

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