Month: July 2013

Cloud based VoIP for Business

In the past, the amount of money spent by companies on their communication costs was so important that the costs were one of the major contributors to the operating budgets of some companies.

Fixed line rental, service and technical fees, mobile phones and costs of the calls were and are still an incredible expense, especially if the company celebrated international clients that require long distance communication. Today, however, companies have other options to keep your communication needs.

The introduction of voice and data systems hosted VoIP (voice over internet protocol), and has revolutionized the communication to a level where companies are able to operate with lower costs but still maintain superior functionality at a time.

How to hosted VoIP?

Hosted VoIP uses a carrier IP (Internet Protocol) to carry voice and data over a broadband connection. This method makes calls and sending data faster service and more reliable than previous fixed-line services. Hosted VoIP system allows global communication solutions enabling businesses and corporations to extend their potential market to every corner of the globe.

Companies using hosted VoIP can save an incredible amount of money on call costs. Because hosted VoIP is run from a centralized system, the calls between the branches of this system are free. Because hosted VoIP works through a broadband connection, the branches are not fixed in one place. Employees may have phones with them when they leave the office and make calls between branches and all users free of charge. Because broadband connection using a voice compression technology, call quality is high and the connection speed is very fast.

Many companies consider their current Hosted PBX phone system are such control of your calls and functionality of the system that are not willing to switch to a phone replacement system such as hosted VoIP PBX, which is provided by an external service provider allows . However, the use of a hosted VoIP system lets subscribers much, if not more control over their telephony systems.

Hosted VoIP Features

Hosted VoIP is controlled by the easy to use online tools that allow users to enable and disable features as they please. Users have control over who receive calls as well as when and where due to easy online tools. The phones are fully programmable to follow users to switch places. The systems are completely scalable for businesses can add and subtract lines as you want without support. IT administrators are able to operate the systems over the Internet to control user functions through systems management tools. The receptionists are able to manage all incoming and outgoing calls through a single interface.

Businesses can also benefit from voice mail and fax available with hosted VoIP services. An employee can access your voicemail via phone or Internet connection.

Voice messages can be heard in the inbox or be seen as an email. Faxes can be sent to the mailbox of a user, allowing the management of top fax and faxes can be stored as digital files that can be transmitted to other users.

Besides these features, VoIP hosted services allow call forwarding, call blocking, conference calling, the incoming call management, call detail online, tracking, billing and reporting, soft-phone accessories and function keys.


Boost Your Customers with Predictive Dialer Software

Many people are not fully aware of predictive dialer software. In fact, this particular software is commonly used by call centers and telemarketing companies. In addition, also used during political campaigns. A predictive dialer is actually a computerized system that automatically makes calls by operators. This system is able to extract the telephone numbers from the database. It can work well both in a single line and multiple lines. Using this system, operators are able to interact with customers and update your information efficiently.

To use the predictive dialer software, you need to invest a sum of money. Is it really worth it to do it? Can it really help increase the productivity of your company? Let’s read on. I will share with you how this software.

For those companies that make heavy phone calls every day, you are bound to hire many operators to get the job done. In fact, if everything is done manually, operators have difficulty dialing phones every time. In fact it is a tiring job to dial hundreds of phone numbers. When obtaining predictive dialer software, its operators are not required to mark the numbers.

The new system will automatically dial phone numbers and operators will be informed when there are direct connections. They can talk with customers directly and focus on the update of the information or sales. They do not have to spend time searching for contact details. This will make your job easier and can make the tele-conversations more efficiently. At the same time, saving time dial can be used to make phone calls. For telemarketers, if you can increase the number of calls every day, they will be more likely to increase their sales. For data collectors can collect more data and productivity is increased.

Today, due to advances in technology, the latest version of this software is offering more special features. Comes with automatic dialing, voice recording technology advanced. For example, when making calls to customers, the recorded message will customers with the purpose of calling. Then, we ask customers to remain on the line before picking telemarketers calls. This will help give a good introduction to potential clients. Telemarketers do not have to repeat the same statement every time they speak.

This particular software can be used as a useful tool to evaluate their employees. This marker can help gather the statistics. You can check connection fees, the average length of each call, the sales closing percentage, etc. from time to time. You can evaluate the performance of its staff with ease. In addition, you can also tell if their advocacy succeeds or not.

In short, this phone special computer system has really made the operator’s job easier or telemarketer. In order to increase the productivity of your business, you should start to get this program to increase your sales.

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Hosted Predictive Dialer Software for Reduce the Business Cost

Hosted Software label is a software-based phone site that uses SaaS technology to carry out their tasks. Unlike other programs that require a PC dialer with the corresponding hardware to carry out the task, hosted dialer system can do it all with just one Internet enabled computer.

There are many advantages of using hosted solutions scoreboard as:

– Increases efficiency

– Reduces costs

– Reduces overall business costs

– Performs all other automated tasks and save time

Dialer software can be used in many industries related to the task of calling, like telemarketing firms, call centers and data collectors, etc. For example, if you install a hosted dialer in the call center, would be too easy for you. You do not need large investments to be made for that and not a large labor force to carry out the task. Everything can be done with limited labor and low finance.

Configuring a Hosted marker program can be done with the statement of the special needs of the company. These software markers are available with a number of useful and productive. As according to schedule working hours of each agent.

They use the web-based interface for it. Dialer Software contains easy to follow instructions that must be followed by the agent. The most tedious jobs are absorbed by the software itself and the agent is left with more time to focus entirely on the client at the other end of the line. Using the hosted solution that will not cost a lot to the company. The cost of software license and the marker is in the budget of most telemarketing companies and data collection.

This software is suitable for companies that have multiple agents in remote locations. These programs include programs to provide substantial financial savings to companies. The unique features that facilitate the efficient operation of the system are as VoIP and IVR that cater to large and small businesses.

Implementation of telemarketing strategies in the organization also has become very easy with the help of these systems. Dialer Software uses the model of shared web hosting server to save costs to the company. In short, if you say that these systems can help companies achieve explosive sales targets at reduced costs. Companies that rely on telemarketing and telephone sales to generate business now can improve production and income with the help of such a low cost hosted dialer system.

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Why predictive dialing consider as an effective dialing system?

Effective predictive dialer software has made the job of a call center agent typically much easier. With the help of this automated dialing software, it has become easier for the call center staff to manipulate data easily increase the volume of calls and prepare effective reports. This software predictive dialer is a perfect combination of technology and modern digital equipment. With this tool, you can dial numbers automatically in a systematic manner, follow a database organized and keep track of your daily goals.

If you own a call center like and who is willing to buy the predictive dialer software for your computer, then you can easily browse through different websites online to find a program that suits your needs. With a single mouse click, you can easily find predictive dialer software web based in minutes.

Predictive markers were originally developed in the automatic dialer which then evolved to a predictive dialer predicts an increase in the availability and the agents or decreases the calls as needed. While the basic score just automatically dials telephone numbers of agents who are inactive or waiting for a call, the predictive dialer uses a variety of algorithms to predict agents are available or not and called party answers, setting the calling process the number of agents it predicts will be available when calls are answered.

This modern technology monitors placed calls answered by detecting how they answer the calls you make. Eliminates unanswered calls, numbers, busy lines with problems, answering machines, responses fax machines and similar automated services. Only connects calls answered by live people and connect with agents waiting. Therefore, it helps agents not to listen to calls unanswered or unsuccessful.

In short, this software automates the process of dialing total output. This technology converts the manual dialing process automatic dialing process through a web-based platform auto dialer. Dialing a number, waits for a response from the other side, and transfers a call to a telemarketer available when you connect with a real human voice. The marker is pre-programmed artificial intelligence based on an algorithm to prevent non-productive calls to reach for the agent. The telemarketer may take a call after another and when they have to deal with busy signals, answering machines, network messages and “no answers.” The main reason that predictive dialers are currently in such demand only because of its ability to increase efficiency by reducing downtime between calls.

A hosted predictive dialer is an important type of marker that is hosted on a web server. One of the outstanding features of this remote is that it has the ability to make virtual call agents. This means that agents are not required to be physically present in the organization and can still work and generate calls. This system, like any other predictive dialing system can detect answering machines, busy tones, fax tones and no answer calls and deliver only legitimate agents. This makes the process more productive and marked most successful agents. This marker has a virtual system built-in intelligence that can transmit calls equally available ports. Another important feature of this system is that it marks the National Do Not Call Registry numbers. This can eliminate the fear of legal action against the call center.

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Tools and Dialers for Telemarketing Profits

Telemarketing has changed a lot in recent years. With innovative technologies being released as Spitfire predictive dialers and other call center software and products, your telemarketing team can now be more productive than ever. Computerized telemarketing tools and the recent integration between Internet phone systems and allow telemarketers to spend less time marking and more time actually giving presentation to potential customers.

Below are some of the unique telemarketing services and products that have revolutionized the way we do business telemarketers.

Predictive Dialers

A predictive dialer was developed to dial telephone numbers automatically and then control the calls and the types of responses you get when you dial. Then connect the telemarketers to call once it is recognized that a real person is on the line. Predictive dialers are used in many call centers today, and have helped thousands of telemarketers maximize your efforts and spend less time dialing numbers unresponsive.

How does it work?

With a hosted predictive dialer system, you only need a computer, an Internet connection and a telephone line for each agent telemarketing. With a Spitfire Predictive Dialer, for example, receive dial capabilities and out, and can integrate the system with your T1 or analog lines without having a database server independently. Other features include query-based dialing, and the sensitivity of the zone. You also have the ability to run multiple campaigns at the same time, dialing an alternate number, and monitor and record calls. This configuration is an easy to use system and requires minimal effort to start.

This amazing CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) drastically reduces the number of answering machines, voice mails, busy signals and obsessions that your agents can be found during the workday.

Auto Dialers

Auto Dialers were available before predictive markers. These can dial phone numbers automatically for call center agents, but do not use algorithms like the predictive dialer to connect the agent only successful calls. The auto dialer is a very useful tool if you have a limited budget but want to automate their telemarketing efforts.

Monitoring Systems

A surveillance system that allows you to monitor calls for testing, training, motivation and support. You can ensure better quality service, keeping an “ear” in their telemarketers during their training.


The amplifiers are ideal for ensuring a good quality of sound for each phone call. With an amplifier, you can control the volume and mute enabled. With some amplifiers, you can switch from phone to computer with ease.


With headphones, telemarketers can have your hands free to type, write or do anything else while talking with potential customers. This keeps down the receiver or the need to maintain the receptor in an odd position when trying to write or type the client information. There are many types of headphones including voice tubes in the ear, in-ear, noise canceling, wireless and convertible.

These are just some of the basic tools of every telemarketer must have to succeed. In the ever changing market of today, you have to be ahead of the game with innovative call center software and products as predictive markers to be a success. Telemarketing is still a great way to get in touch with potential customers once you have all the tools you need.

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Call Center Solutions

The Hosted predictive dialer is not hot, automatic marker and Cold calling is as of Last Decade! The Hosted predictive dialer is not changing the telemarketing industry. The Days of Waiting Months Waiting paragraph sin T1 start Yes Han finished. Son Costs Much More low long-term procurement Sin UN hay no phone Providers required for office wiring. Best of All Agents can Work from Home.

All you need is a computer and an internet connection, sin DSL or cable modem and He Could Realistic Start A Mark Hoy. A hosted predictive dialer is a computerized system, Organized by the Company that mark automatically dial batches of phone numbers Phone, paragraph con unconnected Advertiser live or telemarketer.

Technology has drastically changed it last Years. The Basic Auto marker automatically marks lists the phone numbers Telemarketers to Watch Waiting for a Call. The Hosted Predictive Dialer has algorithms in place to predict the number of lines needed to call to speak with a live person the telemarketer.

The hosted predictive dialing algorithms Able Detect son Occupied Numbers Phones, fax machines, answering machines, and Disconnected numbers answers. It Yes Unique Living people connect Waiting the call center agents. THIS will release the call center agents UN Losing valuable time, which deals with the bad calls, ringtones, Busy and No Answer.

Automatic marker Algorithms automatically Hosted ADJUSTMENTS On the basis of the Phone List provided by the call center. A Client That Has a List con un Monton Of Numbers unconnected lines will have the number Yes He returned automatically. A Client That Has a List with A High Speed ​​Connection automatically Lines Will Useless and Have Clients Waiting. The marker Host Yes paragraph automatically adjusts Avoid Neglect calls. The federal government has specific rules about the% Calls that allowed being abandoned.

Cloud based Auto Dialer Software for Call Center Database

Call database software controller is used to integrate the information stored in the database to provide easy access to agents and call center customers. The software assists in reducing the number of calls directed to the call center, with the use of alternative channels enabled by software.

The self-help function allows customers to directly access the database for answers to repetitive questions. This reduces the workload of the agents and allows them to focus on priority issues such as handling inquiries that require human interaction. The software uses a knowledge base, based on customer interactions. It provides customers with relevant and timely responses to your questions. The information stored in the database is also used to respond to customer inquiries via e-mail, live chat and phone calls.

The response component of e-mail management software is designed with workflow processes that enable sophisticated agents can provide a rapid and effective response to customer inquiries. Analyzes incoming queries and suggests automatic replies to common. Enables automatic routing of multiple channel queries, based on agent skill sets, customer history and agent availability. Capture every transaction of a client, to create a detailed profile of the customer.

This helps in generating questionnaires depending on the customer profile, which is used to monitor and control the levels of customer satisfaction, learn about new product designs and learn about the preferences and buying habits of customers. The software enables on demand and closed incident surveys, web survey links, custom mailing lists and complete survey administration monitoring, including notification of workflow and punctuation survey response.

Using database software call center has increased in recent years due to increased call traffic in call centers across the country. Research has shown that customer satisfaction increases dramatically, after installing the database software.

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