Cloud based hosted dialer service for business

A hosted predictive dialer service provides the customer with a high performance and efficient automated predictive dialer solution for telemarketing. Asked the dialer available and supported by the service provider and so the access to the customer is ready to be used online, usually immediately, but could take longer depending on the company.

This technology can significantly increase the productivity and efficiency of an entire call center or an individual agent. The average call duration of an agent with manual dial 14 minutes per hour while if a predictive dialer is used, it can be increased to 46 minutes per hour. This modern software increases efficiency by over 300%. This will result in any size or call center in massive cost savings for businesses. Taking into account the huge increase in sales and leads (depending on type of business) because of the increased resources of talk time, you can see why predictive dialer gaining so much popularity.

One of the great advantages of using this powerful software is that it has the ability to run your virtual call center agents. In other words, your agent a portion of the call center, even if they are not present, is in the facility. Hosted dialer technology allows employees / agents to work remotely. The only requirements are an internet connection and a headset. Since it is a hosted solution, managers can keep track of the agent productivity and efficiency. Moreover, they can immediately reported detailed work, even if they are traveling.

Hosted predictive dialers are also known as web-based predictive dialer. It is platform software, a service model solution by some of the known hosting companies offered. This solution is actually a normal dialer predictive dialer, but it is hosted offered via the web interface. Just like a standard dialer, select the web-based solution is a list of predefined numbers so calculated to these calls, the busy signal, no answer, fax, answering machine (if selected), and the numbers that are listed eliminating the clients “do not call” list. This hosted software is an ideal and cost effective solution for call centers, which can efficiently improve their sales and marketing activities.

Below are some of the key benefits of predictive dialer software:

Predictive dialer applications allow the call centers significantly increase sales and productivity, because the software eliminates the time that representatives spend manually and phone numbers for calls waiting to be answered. This advanced technology ensures that agents spend their time in an efficient manner. If the agent of a call, the system will keep the call until the agent is available. This means there is little downtime for the agent, when not on a call. Once the agent is on a call, the dialer software is the contact to the agent after the call is answered by the prospect.

With this technology, there is great time saver courtesy of lead management function. The DNC function will take all the numbers on the customer “do not call” list, at the same time the organization of important information such as recalls, leads and sales. Predictive dialer software also enables better control of agents in a call center because call center management applications; listen to agents at any time, with or without agents to facilitate knowledge. It is also possible the number of calls agents in real time and have completed the break time taken in a particular work, each agent view.

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