How to make complex sale easy by using cloud based auto dialer?

Business to business (B2B) sales occurs when a trade occurs between companies, such as manufacturers or wholesale trade with wholesalers selling to retailers. When sales operations remotely participate in B2B sales, sales are often more complex than business to consumer (B2C) sales. These complex sales require different phone software rather than simple B2C sales, as various types of auto dialer.

All auto dialer works the same way, but not any kind could be described as a complex sales dialer. The purpose of any dialer to increase the number of calls and contacts sales agent can complete within one business day. All auto dialer load a previously generated list of phone numbers and then systematically calling each number. The call is then routed through to the sales agents. This method is significantly faster than dialing manually, often brings an increase in call volume over four times what it was before.

One of the biggest differences in the phone dialer is the number of calls dialer phone number at a time. Ratio dialer or predictive dialer calls several at a time. This ensures that every customer will be achieved dialer, but it comes with some very big flaws. First, when the call is answered dialer must determine that there is someone on the phone before they patch the call through sales agents.

During this process a few seconds there was a gap between when the contact answers the phone and when the sales rep started talking. This “telemarketer pause” is one of the negative experiences that contact often complains about. Another problem that occurs when a dialer type face more contacts from the phone to answer no reps available. This occurs when additional calls are falling, even when they are on the contact line.

Both of these problems cannot be accepted for sale dialer complex. One of the unique qualities of business to business selling is the “gatekeeper.” This can be either a recorded message system to navigate or receptionist whose job could very well be to prevent sales calls from reaching his employer.

In order to speak with important decision makers, the sales team is not able to perform as an automatic and impersonal. That is why the power dialer is a better solution for complex B2B sales. This complex sales auto dialer to call the phone number at a time for each available agent. It’s still a dramatically accelerate the sales process, but eliminates the problem of dropped calls and telemarketers pause.

For more information about how Auto Dialer, Hosted IVR solutions and voice broadcasting software may work for your small business, visit the


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