Month: April 2013 offers hosted solutions for electoral process, including a cloud predictive dialer and auto dialer system that will help you in many ways.

Before we go with the benefits by using a hosted dialer and it is important to know exactly what has hosted dialer technology and it benefits our business. A marker has organized an advanced adaptive algorithm that Voice over Internet Protocol and cloud technology can help; cloud based predictive dialer and auto dialer system on a cloud. This means that you do not have to buy any hardware or software to run a call center campaign. All you need to do is to protect logging into the site and the provider’s servers and keep your data as you.

 The advantages of using a hosted dialer system are numerous and include:

Faster connections – Gone are the days in which to manually select numbers from the phone book to generate leads. Our system uses the predictive dialing and automatic dial-up platforms, the number of people you can contact to increase. With the predictive dialer you can have as many as five simultaneous calls per agent, and the Auto Dialer you can send as many as 5,000 voice messages per minute.

Quality Connections – You will be able to spend more time talking directly to customers and leads and minimize your downtime significantly. By omitting to consider how many connections you make every day or every hour that you and your employees to be able to focus on how to improve your interactions and implement the latest strategies will look at your discretion.

Better Metrics – part of the package you receive from LeadsRain is the ability to see real-time reports via the web-based interface. You can exactly in real time, which proves to be in your campaigns and what needs to be improved to successfully see.

Lead and Campaign Management – Using the Web-based interface, you can easily manage leads and campaigns from one interface, the ability to create custom arrangements and includes much more.

Perform non-profit campaigns – The auto dialer in particular is exceptionally good at it. To come broadcasting voice messages to raise awareness and money for political candidates is one way that you can use the system. You can also use the program to build awareness and raise funds for your nonprofit organization as well. A voice broadcast campaign can be created for cities, towns and communities to broadcast warnings about possible storms or disasters come up to you and protect your people.

You can find out everything you can about the benefits of a hosted dialer, by offering up for a free trial account and experience all these benefits and more for themselves.

With all the benefits that may have been using a hosted dialer for you, it’s amazing that you are not an attempted previously. You can register for an account of LeadsRain today and receive special offers, including 20% ​​for life, and a free trial. You do not have to wait for the service either, which is another advantage of a hosted dialer. Within about 24 hours of our receipt of a service request, you can run call campaigns. Add to that that our facility, commissioning, support and training services are free and you have an unbeatable system.


How Voice Broadcasting service doing instant Messaging for your business?

Voice broadcasting is not a new method of advertising, but it is a tried and true method that has many advantages to its credit. With a simple phone messages and a compelling audio display, you can keep in contact with established customers for your business, make others aware of specials or new services and products, or contact business leads without wasting hours of your day cold calling.

If your business is just a way to look for hundreds of people in a quick, efficient manner, the voice could go way radio.

What is Voice Broadcasting?

Services offer broadcasting and advertising make it possible to create spoken audio files that are entertaining and create attention grabbing and then send it by telephone to a large number of people at simultaneously. If you have accumulated a long list of potential customers or a list of people who have shown an interest in learning more about your company or services, then you can do all these people come with your phone broadcast message at the same time.

To get more information or a special offer in the message that they can transfer, you simply press a number on their phone, or call a specific toll free number directly to your agent or company is presented.

Advantages of Voice Broadcasting

There are many benefits to having charisma for business advertisements:

* Fast

* Efficient

* Measurable Results

* Cost

Since your ads or announcements are sent automatically to everyone on your list, this is one of the quickest ways to stay in touch with clients or former clients and your company name in the minds of many potential new customers. They can automatically be sent to everyone on your list will be prepared and approved as soon as the voice mail.

This method of advertising is also very efficient. You do not make cold calls, all these people and even if you later make personal calls them already on your business and what you offer that make it easier to make a sale are pre-exposed. Not having to cold call all these lines will save you and your employees a lot of time, which translates into saving money.

A good voice broadcasting offer any way to track how effective certain messages are broadcast to convince potential customers to speak with your representative. In some cases, you can send different versions of the same message for a trial period and then keep track of what is the most effective. The news that the best responses from your potential customers are, of course, the ones you have for a long campaign.

To make it work

The most important aspect of voice broadcasting is the quality of the actual message that you send out. It is imperative, well spoken, and if you provoke the people to listen to the end and take action to follow through, to want more information. Bring a message with these qualities in more interest in your business and a big jump in sales. Bad news is little more to do than to waste your advertising budget.

Looking for an experienced voice broadcasting service, how to create compelling messages on your behalf and they design an effective voice broadcasting campaign to know to get your message quickly!

Calling Post proudly offers high-quality voice broadcasting service for all types of organizations and companies. If you are looking for a reliable Voice Broadcasting Software with a very good reputation and service you can rely on and then look no further. Calling post is the answer to all of your Voice Broadcasting Services to obtain.

Why Predictive Dialer and Hosted Predictive Dialer considers as ideal solution for business?

These days, the most effective way to promote any business telemarketing, as it can reach to numerous telephone users throughout the world. Although the establishment of a call center facility and care is a team of sales representatives (agents) is not economical by any means. However, if a company has an effective and economical predictive dialer solution, it might be a worthwhile.

Predictive dialer is a software application that uses a computer system to select the help means, a list of telephone numbers in such an automated manner that the possibility of the telephone user to predict response to this call. Although it is a bit expensive solution, once the huge cost is included, it may ultimately help you save significant operating costs, since it has the ability to improve agent productivity.

Thinking for a company to provide a call center to promote their products and services, they need to consider the services of contact center solution providers deliver customized hosted predictive dialing solution. Once the company is a hosted / web-based predictive dialing solution, the only things they are required to be only a few desktop computers, sales representatives, and a simple broadband connection. Furthermore, with such a hosted system, the business simply eliminates the cost of providing a dedicated server and its maintenance staff. This is because the hosts managed dialer usually providers across the contact center solution, server farm are 24×7 all round the year.

One of the main features of a hosted predictive dialing system is that it can make the virtual agent. By the agent virtual agents can still be able to appeal their duties, without being physically present to perform at the call center system. A hosted dialing system is comparable. Using a predictive dialing system, that it can also detect non-productive calls like an answering machine, fax machine, busy signal, no answer, and so on In addition, it also has a built-in set of algorithms that distribute the call-flow evenly among the available agents can. A hosted predictive dialing solution is also able to perform an important function by not selecting these numbers that are listed under the “National Do Not Call”. This can in fact eliminate the redundant complaints and lawsuits against the call center or its parent company.

Worked with many diverse functions, a predictive dialer and a hosted predictive dialer is the ideal solution for companies that want to promote their products and services through telemarketing. is a leading Cloud auto dialer company offers cloud based predictive dialer with 1.25¢ per minute & unlimited users. For more details call us 302-385-6767.

How to do non-stop dialing with cloud based auto dialer?

The past decade has seen great progress in science and technology that will allow for further improvements in almost all areas of human life. The impact of technological change has been so great that no industry has been left untouched. It is technology that first made possible long-distance communication. Since the communication pattern improved over the years, expanded opportunities for business growth. There was a time when business relations with distant partners could not continue over a long period. Distance question seems meaningless these days, thanks to the ever-growing means of communication!

Businesses use various forms of communication, depending on the nature of their business. Some organizations are satisfied with the regular phones and Internet set-up used for internal and external communication. On the other hand, specifically telemarketing sector require upgraded systems for communication, because of the nature of their activities. Tele-rings have a hard time calling up their clients one by one. Gone are the days of manually managing the endless list of customers. Automatic desktop dialers provide an effective and easy solution to manage all your calls efficiently.

Automatic cloud based auto dialers help automate your manual dialing feature procedure, add comments to your call database and create customized call dispositions. The list is endless! Automatic dialers allow you to communicate between two points in the telephone, mobile and pager numbers. This dialer is a great blessing for call center agents as the automatic dialing system dials up numbers randomly from a predefined list of phone numbers. Apart from Call centers automatic cloud based predictive dialers also used for personal communication. You can prepare a list of your friends with whom you love to chat. Your automatic telephone dialer just keeps on dialing numbers at random after a call is completed. Your call database also allows you to avoid calling those contacts you do not want to call. In addition, you can also view information about the contact you are calling.

There are several types of cloud auto dialer available in the market like the Smart Auto Dialer, Preview Dialer, Power Dialer, or the gradual Dialers. Smart auto dialer, you can customize your messages and gather touch-tone or voice feedback. Preview Dialer is a great help, while outgoing calls while the Power Dialer allows you to make multiple calls at once. Much time and effort is saved when you use progressive dialers which call information and number at the same moment. An automatic telephone dialer is equipped with several features that make the call process more efficient, reliable and less time consuming. So give your fingers a rest and let your automatic phone dialer dial up. Just for you!

Complete Reference of Hosted Interactive Voice Response Systems and Unified Communication Technologies for Call Center

Call centers have relied hosted interactive voice response IVRS and other off-premise cloud solutions for quite some time. Recently, however, a wider range of companies – especially those tailored for Customer Experience Management – are adopting them. All this is due to a growing interest in Unified Communications (UC) technology. Read on to learn more about UC, the many uses of hosted IVR systems, and a primer on collaboration in the cloud.

What is unified communications?

UC technologies are to integrate customer experience. More specifically, this technology looks to combine real-time and non-real time communication channels. For example, a company can pair a phone call (real-time) with an e-mail or voicemail (non-real time). Unified communications in other words, is not a single technology. It is rather a strategy to unite the whole customer experience as it relates to communication.

Applications of hosted IVR systems

IVR hosting has given rise to a wide range of e-commerce. These off-site solutions enable unified service improvements and quality performance, which was impossible with previous internal services. Several pilot applications and customer projects that illustrate this versatility include:

Real-time sales continuity – a feature that pairs a business customer relationship management (CRM) database with incoming calls to order cancellations to avoid. Callers can receive text or email confirmation of real-time.

Order Tracking – rings may request order tracking from multiple vendors.

Bill Pay – allows callers to pay by phone and receive messages with text, email or phone.

Phone donations – credit card information, basic details from donors can be collected with a simple outgoing calls or text messages.

Collaboration in the cloud – a primer

Cloud cooperation is moving towards globalization. In fact, a number of countries now look at it as an important way to both create jobs and help bring in much needed revenue. But there is no sector that benefits from the current technology more than cloud solution providers. These companies and businesses can outsource non-core activities and get them done on a massive low cost.

These companies also have the opportunity to concentrate on core processes for improved returns. The more time and save more internal skilled labor to core functions and therefore take the ultimate control over the development of their businesses. Nevertheless, caution should be exercised when selecting a hosted IVR outsourcing opportunities. If a company lands on the wrong suppliers like unprecedented downturn. Success or failure of an outsourcing program depends on working methods, punctuality, efficiency and capabilities of the vendor that a company gives its non-core functions.

What are the most important considerations to make when selecting a UC provider?

Experience is an important component to the partnership! Make sure that the selected partner greatly experienced, because even non-core activities are still so critical to the overall performance and productivity of the company. Experienced partners can offer proven and high quality output because they understand what it takes to be on top. The already accumulated knowledge over the long term, helping them to craft quality IVR systems. The selected partner will also offer all the essential offshore services as your business needs change or grow over time.

Does the vendor have the necessary infrastructure?

Well-organized and professional sellers must have state-of-the-art infrastructure, latest technology and modern equipment in their work. It is wise to seek out providers that have CISCO based IP network and communication systems to suit your business needs. For inbound call centers, the solutions consist of the best equipment and communications as caller never appreciates the noise distortion.

Check whether the seller has the industry standard and open billing processes. Some sellers will hide their billing procedures and processes, and can only raise questions later in the task. Make sure that the billing process is sufficiently discussed, understood, and have no outstanding issues and technicalities. The seller should clearly convey all the costs that you must be satisfied before concluding any agreement. Wise business leaders will investigate prevailing market prices, and establish the general standards to ensure that suppliers comply with industry terms and conditions. Deal with a provider that has a flexible billing process.

What is the quality of the service call agents?

The manners, courtesy and capabilities of these funds are the image that will be projected to the global market for your business. If they call agents at the call center services offer poor quality, you are your reputation will be hindered, and businesses will be hit hard. The business executive needs to personally assess the quality agent before hiring them for the services. is a leading voice broadcasting software company offers Hosted IVR and IVR System with 1.25¢ per minute & unlimited users. For more details call us 302-385-6767.

Is LeadsRain Voice Broadcasting software works for your Organization to increase business?

Everyone heard the news of the economic downturn in the United States now. As inflation continues to deteriorate, a lot of business people to work harder than ever to make ends meet, and the lack of time in their busy schedules. The most important is that more money is needed more than ever! Many businesses businessmen, entrepreneurs and small business owners constantly trying to make use of their time, generate huge cash income. It is easy to outdated ways of thinking, though.

The average business owners spend the day like a dog chasing clues between 75% -85%. Selected period of time has been a cold call. In many cases, business owners will call hundreds of calls, but only a few people speak. This can be very frustrating, because the time spent is usually never mean a lot of money.

Business owners and entrepreneurs have been looking for a way to produce large amounts of high-quality, result in immediate. They are always looking for the full use of their time, energy and effort, so they can concentrate on actually real people speaking, because this is the answering machine than gossip or getting busy signals. Today’s time the requirements of similar dial-up system on the dollar. Daily fresh clues absolute life blood of any business.

Now almost all the professionals in the direct marketing voice radio and voice LeadsRain of blasting software is absolutely essential! The times have changed and adapted, will be successful. Any serious business professional search flight fiery interested potential customers will find this type of software is very useful. Whether you believe it or not, many potential customers will call you directly! In the traditional cold call, which was previously unheard of?

Simply put, the software enables customers to their dial. Sales advantage of many experts, it was sworn. Click the mouse to call hundreds of people seems too good to be true. But it works like clockwork every time! Forget spending countless hours on the phone on cold calls. Live, desire clues’ call you want your product or service information. Add an additional beauty of this is you can simply record short message software, all answering machine, leave a voice mail. Needless to say, my business profit growth of more than 300% since the implementation of the leadsrain system!

Two of the most important things are to find, select voice blasting software are as follows:

1) You must ensure that you have the results in a call. 15000000 wire in all industries to you, when you choose to buy the software.

2) is also very important to ensure that there is an “internal” Do Not Call (DNC) “list washing procedures, including, as the cost of the purchase program will reach thousands of dollars.

In my experience, the bursting of the telephone companies charge about 12 cents a minute. All of these need your own list of leading Canadian. You have zero DNC list. By using this software, I can shout at 1.9 cents phone. To break it down, my return on investment (ROI) is incredible! I have red purple, the site clues dial me every time I do a voice exploded.

When a business owner or entrepreneur, there is a powerful tool, like LeadsRain, it is not only to sky rocket sales performance, it also gives you a completely automated lead generation system is 100% copy! Anyone in your team, or down the line, will encounter a huge return, and the subsequent leap your cash flow. It does not matter what type of business (MLM, direct sales or network marketing areas). This tool creates a lot of repetition; you can pass to the other partners in order to ensure its success.

Last, but not least, the truck Union commission you can earn an annual salary of up to $ 500 for every referral! A large number of business people, not only tripled their sales; they also do an extra 10K /-month marketing LeadsRain software!

Able to work smarter, to make full use of your time, energy, and create a lot of money, you want to, well worth the effort is essential. The traditional telemarketing outdated. This is just a technical example of how to count, and when you do not speak to the high quality of the clues, but close to the sales for each day or week. is a leading voice broadcasting software company offers Voice Broadcasting with 1.25¢ per minute & unlimited users. For more details call us 302-385-6767.  

Utilization of Voice Broadcasting System

Do you know what voice broadcasting is? It is a system that makes it possible for a company to develop a large network of customers the moment of contact, interaction and send them messages.

Do you know what voice broadcasting is? It is a system that makes it possible for a company to develop a large network of customers the moment of contact, interaction and send them messages. Voice broadcasters can be very helpful. Without it, companies need a large fleet sells the necessary infrastructure, so as to achieve the ideal customer. For this purpose, the company will have to spend a lot of money to hire a salesperson. Money is not the only thing will be a waste of time will be wasted looking for business every day. Moreover hangs many people up when they hear the sound of the seller.

Voice broadcasting technology is a blessing because it helps the company’s digital recording a custom message, and then sent to many customers through their phone at the same time. The needs of business are to stay in touch with sales and marketing products and services, everything will easily manage the database. With a phone call, thousands of people become familiar with the products or services. Healthy broadcasts, of course, can help companies in their efforts.

Set up voice broadcast came with the phone table can detect answering machines. Software embedded logic explore and observe at the moment, have to start the message, but also can be set in silence, if customers are not currently using, or when the company decided to call back. That’s not all, the voice broadcasting software detects along a busy tone is wrong or invalid number. The personal information may also be included in the message, interactive voice session.

Voice broadcasting software and boost technology has gained a lot of popularity. Now, many companies and institutions using the system to manage their activities. Companies to easily send a message, the detailed information about their products and services, and to remind their customers. In addition, the message is scheduled through the site.

The company uses public address system will call before transferring a predetermined time. Therefore, the message is sent at any time of need. It is true that in this age of technology, radio has evolved into a truly effective communication tool; many companies are taking advantage of the competitive advantage. is a leading cloud auto dialer company offers cloud based dialer with 1.25¢ per minute & unlimited users. For more details call us 302-385-6767.