Top 5 Tips before Choosing a Hosted IVR Services

Technology has come a long way in the field of communications. Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, enables customers to call your company or clients and work with database records using either the keyboard or voice instructions. If you’ve ever called UPS or Fed Ex, you know what that means.

There are several types of IVR available, as follows:

Hosted IVR where your guest outside mediator calls outside the workplace. This is done remotely and calls can be forwarded to your physical call center at any time.

Special or business premises IVR where your physical call center handles calls and IVR system routes them correctly.

Each has its own set of good and bad, but the fact is that even small businesses can now have your calls received by the IVR system. So realistically you will never have to miss a call again and calls that come in to get the right people quickly and without problems.

However, before you decide on a provider IVR, here are five things to look for that can make all the difference.

The ability to switch the flow of calls coming in and altering messages. This could be a simple matter announced an unexpected system failure or a bank error of some kind. Being able to change the outgoing message can reduce the number of calls to your call center. Alternatively, the training time, calls can be directed to apprentices temporarily OTJ training with live situation and closely monitored.

The software can be integrated with speech? To provide basic information, keyboard entries are sufficient. However, in complex interactions with customers, it may be necessary to use voice recognition. With this in place, you need to be sure that misunderstood words are treated well. In addition to the caller, whose words are not recognized, they are routed to a live person with information already entered intact.

Should have the ability to upload free form the initial recorded message? Many IVR systems are part of a canned answer, but you might want to add a professionally recorded message. It has a lot to do with how your company image is projected on the incoming caller.

What is the estimated capacity of incoming calls at peak and off? Make sure that the system can be adjusted to suit your requirements at slower times of calls, as well as the tip. If you have 7 people on phones by anyone to make or receive a voice message in these times. Calls should never be lost because no one can answer. Maybe IVR drop a message in the general mailbox that is monitored by staff.

For Reliability and technical support it will be crucial to your success IVR. Be sure that the system can handle your call volume, as well as to be adjustable peak. If the system will go offline for some reason, you should be able to call someone for help, even if you have your own MIS staff.

Like any purchase, do a little homework and make sure you buy the right system for your specific needs and requirements.

If you are looking for Hosted IVR solutions to the possibility of some cloud predictive dialer software will look at your company.


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