Complete Cycle of Hosted IVR System

IVR hosting is provided by a third-party vendor applications and voice answering software. The technology through automatic caller and the interaction between enterprises.

Like any technology, a better solution instead of a voice response, which is the only sensible and you move on. Hosted IVR is the most new platform with fast installation, interactive and easy to use.

Some people even far away from the need for basic programming knowledge. To operate these new models, just set some web menu to access or caller information into your database or touch-tone telephone.

With the credit card companies and banks, which are used to provide account information to their customers, there is no interaction with the representatives of the basic voice response applications are very popular. Correctly in order to facilitate the interaction between human and computer voice, some providers rely on VXML Voice XML format.

Why did you choose it?

Ranking of hosting options just a few years ago than they are better. First, and most important point is that one does not need to spend a few months time, If you choose a hosted IVR, deployed in a few hours or a few days you can do. In addition, the deployment of the solution is usually the end of burning a hole in your pocket, rather than pay through the nose Hosted IVR is much cheaper, and, no maintenance and support costs.

Hosted IVR also opened up a whole new world of possibilities, because they enhance the efficiency of the entire data center, so that you have planned for you in many ways, customer interaction. With greater flexibility and scalability, advanced hosted IVR offer, you almost do not have the management and worry about!

You may see some definition

Here are some other terms, the studying a supplier, you may see:

Artificial Intelligence: As the name implies artificial intelligence and computer technology to simulate human intelligence. Some vendors use the technology, rather than traditional programming.

Completion rate: This term refers to the number of calls successfully resolved, this is an important indicator, to monitor, using the host at the same time.

The site agent: is a real “live”, so that your staff employees. They should be combined with the virtual agent (as defined below).

Virtual Agent: computer-assisted “virtual” employees, to make your voice response solutions interactive part. Normal working hours, to assist the staff of your site.

Natural language tag: Which helps to describe a particular voice broadcasting software technology and artificial intelligence, simulation staff and customer relationship. is a leading cloud based dialer company offers cloud based predictive dialer with 1.25¢ per minute & unlimited users. For more details call us 302-385-6767. 


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