Functionality of Cloud based Predictive Dialer System

Computer telephony integration industry began in the late 1990s, automatic dialing software application created to automatically dial the phone number of the call center agents are waiting for the next customer connection. This to some extent, convenience and time savings a step forward, because the sales agent does not see the name and phone number, dial-up, waiting for some answers (ie a busy signal, no longer in service “message voice mailbox or the biggest waste of time … no answer.

Then came the predictive dialer

However, since then, the predictive dialer has become the country’s most state-of-the-art automatic dialing. These revolutionary new products or services, the most commonly used telemarketing industry, which greatly improve the efficiency and profitability of the call center call statistical analysis and prediction of the next dose, will call may have to answer a real person .

They do this by analyzing the rapid sales agents how to turn off a call, the number of a real person for a given geographical area call is actually answered (and how quickly). Predictive dialing forecast future call center agents, and call multiple phone numbers, trying to have a client agent to answer the phone on the line “just in time” … Therefore, greatly reducing wasted time by the agent and close more sales.

A typical call statistics

For a typical call list, an average of 25-35% of the called number will result in someone actually answer the phone. On average, 10% will be answered voice mail / answering machine, fax or modem, 5% will be busy, and 40-60% of people will not answer. Therefore, if done manually, the call center agent will waste about 80% of the time, so spend about 20% of the time the actual sales. Based on these statistics, predictive dialing system will reverse these two figures, an increase of approximately 300% productivity.

More cloud based predictive dialer applications

Predictive dialer can also be used for many other call center applications. For example, the predictive dialer can provide a welcome to new customers, provide services to customers callback someone can solve the problem or question, to remind and confirm appointments, bill collection, delivery notification, staff communication or distribution, raising voice message elderly, and many other kinds of large-capacity call, such as the distribution of collective personal information (such as elections) automatic dialing.

Cloud Predictive dialer system can even automatically update customer records, submit sales orders, sending customized e-mail and fax systems can also be used to handle applications such as the inbound message center, emergency notification (where customers can call to leave a message his problem, you will be notified immediately), or your company’s voice mail system. is a leading cloud auto dialer company offers cloud based dialer with 1.25¢ per minute & unlimited users. For more details call us 302-385-6767.

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