What Is IVR? And how it is helpful to increase your business?

An interactive voice response is a technology which allows communicating with customers in a form of keypad or voice commands. It is an automated telephony technology that is used for interacting to clients. Most IVR is used for BPO, KPO, and banks; however, you can now use IVR systems for in-house and offices which can let you save a lot of money and resources.

Hosted IVR is particularly useful when customers ask for frequently asked questions like, for example, when a customer checks for bank balances, checks for store hours, locations, or ordering an item. Imagine saving a lot of money from salaries. Funds and other perks call center agents need that IVR system can do in a faster and more efficient manner than talking to humans.

The IVR systems work in a voice form when the customers asks about something this system will then reply in a simple “yes” or “no” plus other information customers might need, this is all done by a human-recorded voice. It also asks questions relating to the customer’s query and the customer can give a reply by pressing a number on their phone’s keypad like 1, 2, or 3.

Some IVR systems can now reply to a human voice when the customer says “yes”, “no” or “return”. Usually IVR hosting is available in-house, but now it has been used by outsourcing solutions providers. In terms with the cost, an IVR hosting system will be a sizable investment for your company. This is why you need to take considerations before you buy such systems. The good thing is some IVR systems are available to try for free.

IVR systems lets you save up to 95% with your expenses as your agents are taking calls to customers that actually need it. Moreover, if you have a hosted IVR service, this will generally lessen the amount you need to pay for an IVR system. With IVR hosting, you will just pay for the professional services, not buy an entire IVR system.

When your company has significant calls that don’t want to get routed to the IVR, consider an IVR system that offers specialized telephone routing. These are personalized call redirecting in which the system automatically knows where to direct the call.

Other features, which should be considered, are call path diagrams and auto call distribution. No need for an IT staff because if the IVR system is in excellent quality, the system has fault management system in occasions when systems fail. Other than that, the IVR hosting provider should have device analysis along with full-time assistance and fixes. In this way, the system will work without complications and can function even without the interaction of a person therefore; you will no longer need an IT department to deal with it.

When it comes to the try-before-you buy program, IVR hosting providers have the installation free of charge. In that way, you can test how the system works without you needing to pay for anything first. IVR has a several functions you can use to provide better IVR system for your company, some of the recommended functions are automated call distribution, analog level support, call data transfer, data store entry, voice customization, and text to speech.


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