Month: March 2013

What Is IVR? And how it is helpful to increase your business?

An interactive voice response is a technology which allows communicating with customers in a form of keypad or voice commands. It is an automated telephony technology that is used for interacting to clients. Most IVR is used for BPO, KPO, and banks; however, you can now use IVR systems for in-house and offices which can let you save a lot of money and resources.

Hosted IVR is particularly useful when customers ask for frequently asked questions like, for example, when a customer checks for bank balances, checks for store hours, locations, or ordering an item. Imagine saving a lot of money from salaries. Funds and other perks call center agents need that IVR system can do in a faster and more efficient manner than talking to humans.

The IVR systems work in a voice form when the customers asks about something this system will then reply in a simple “yes” or “no” plus other information customers might need, this is all done by a human-recorded voice. It also asks questions relating to the customer’s query and the customer can give a reply by pressing a number on their phone’s keypad like 1, 2, or 3.

Some IVR systems can now reply to a human voice when the customer says “yes”, “no” or “return”. Usually IVR hosting is available in-house, but now it has been used by outsourcing solutions providers. In terms with the cost, an IVR hosting system will be a sizable investment for your company. This is why you need to take considerations before you buy such systems. The good thing is some IVR systems are available to try for free.

IVR systems lets you save up to 95% with your expenses as your agents are taking calls to customers that actually need it. Moreover, if you have a hosted IVR service, this will generally lessen the amount you need to pay for an IVR system. With IVR hosting, you will just pay for the professional services, not buy an entire IVR system.

When your company has significant calls that don’t want to get routed to the IVR, consider an IVR system that offers specialized telephone routing. These are personalized call redirecting in which the system automatically knows where to direct the call.

Other features, which should be considered, are call path diagrams and auto call distribution. No need for an IT staff because if the IVR system is in excellent quality, the system has fault management system in occasions when systems fail. Other than that, the IVR hosting provider should have device analysis along with full-time assistance and fixes. In this way, the system will work without complications and can function even without the interaction of a person therefore; you will no longer need an IT department to deal with it.

When it comes to the try-before-you buy program, IVR hosting providers have the installation free of charge. In that way, you can test how the system works without you needing to pay for anything first. IVR has a several functions you can use to provide better IVR system for your company, some of the recommended functions are automated call distribution, analog level support, call data transfer, data store entry, voice customization, and text to speech.


Future of Automated Voice Broadcasting Software

Automated voice broadcasting is the development trend of the future, as well as the present. This is a state-of-the-art means of communication is commonly used today.

This is not just a mere traditional call answering service in the past, this is a unique and amazing means of communication has never been done before. What is the automatic voice broadcast, how to work, and recently the traditional communication devices, it benefits?

It basically allows the caller to send a message to their own unique sound, to their clients, friends or prospects, rather than actual, the phone himself. With the development of new communication technologies, the caller can be uploaded to a number of messages AMS (automated voice system) and send them to the contact.

And then send the message through AMS or by the user or by a special training AMS professional, and then the next appointment or schedule is set to the above individuals. You can send a message, it graded AMS almost any thing you want from a business contact, suitable for any occasion greeting.

Communication in the 21st century due to its high-tech, advanced average, you can keep your phone clues, or your potential customers or business dealings with top clients, this will, of course, to you and your interests.

Use the upgraded AMS as well as access and to maintain the benefits of social interaction and good call clue what? This simple and practical device, you can keep in touch with all the social and professional customers and potential customers. It’s very subtle, gently help you, the user, development, or to establish a strong relationship and credibility, according to your business customers and prospects, as well as social interaction.

Today, the communication traffic is never more important, is more critical than it is now. As the business becomes more flow than previous generations of line, increasing technology content the above modern never contact more meaningful, more important.

What also makes this new technological marvel unique is its price, which is very important in a time of economic difficulty, especially for businesses. News about it can be cheaper to 0.14 yuan per minute. Talk about saving money!

You are interested in automatic voice broadcasting software a more cost-effective way to keep in touch with your customers and business prospects? Then consider the communication device of this new technology. You can go wrong. is a leading cloud auto dialer company offers cloud predictive dialer and call center software solutions for inbound, outbound calls. For more details call us 302-385-6767.

How to Use Hosted IVR Efficiently?

Effectively use managed IVR service is to obtain better results in the case of the unnecessary energy as an entrepreneur, the key to success for your business. So, how do you do it?
The first step in learning to effectively use voice technology is the understanding of the relationship you have with your consumers. When your consumers are satisfied, then you will consolidate your business life.
However, as we all know the consumer satisfaction out of what they want.
You must connive at them, and make them feel valued.
To do so without applying extra effort can only occur, if you establish the appropriate communication channels to listen to and meet their needs.
Now is a good tradition and hosted the IVR use of time to compare and contrast.
The traditional IVR solution, designed to automatically talk to the telephone system. The hosted IVR On the other hand can be said to be more effective, because the “extra effort” is passed to a third party.
Here are some strategies that can help you make more efficient use of your call automation tools:
  • Training your employees
  • Do not pay overtime wages
  • Yes /No answer to the question.
  • Automate dial-up services.
  • Inside Into the caller’s head
IVR with your web hosting service providers to integrate their systems, but they maintain their housing equipment. Such an arrangement is most suitable for you, if you do not have a staff familiar with the IVR management. In addition, you can also not install infrastructure related cost savings. Over time, you can decide hosted IVR services to the scene IVR service, if you want to.
Your call center software tool effectively means recognizing that some client requests your help, in the dead of night. If you decide to agents of the site is all you need, you will have to pay additional fees, these people of their overtime. Of course, there are a lot of channels; you can use it to connect with consumer comfort.
However, only with the IVR, you can save a lot of cost and customer service personnel employment.
However, the conversation, the automation saves on the cost of your business accumulation.
Because of its automated nature, you and your customers will be satisfied. They came to recording, the simple answer is, or whether the problem can easily be embedded.
Whether you choose internal or hosted IVR, you still benefit from a lot of consumer services, in an instant. Now, contrast a case, you rely on people to reach your customers. In this case, you need a lot of staff to answer questions or take the opinion of many consumers. This means that you have to pay these people a fact, and that is more cost.
Hosted IVR also can help you to carry out market research. Under normal circumstances, this exercise involves printed questionnaires and site visits. It can be understood by all in a bid to find your consumers that your product or service. However, the system is a great help in this regard. The system usually your sample population outgoing calls, get their response. Thereafter, their answers recorded on the keyboard, which requires the shortest time. Instead, take field trips and surveys, covering a lot of time and money.
Consumer welfare, for every business organization is a key concern. After all, their loyalty is what makes your presence. However, the interactive channels should not eat your profits. Therefore, the need for the traditional means of communication is very important. Hosted solutions such as IVR interactive voice response your customers satisfaction the perfect way to achieve balance. is a leading cloud based auto dialer company offers call center software offers Only 1.5¢ per minute & Unlimited users.

What is the best MLM Lead generation Auto Dialer Software?

Telephone dialing system is usually called a predictive dialer or automatic dialer is rapidly becoming the ace to become a master prospector hole Networker. Spend a lot of time on the phone and reach a very small number of people living with the era is gone.
Some of the most popular brands MLM Phone Burner Dialmore, speed dial, ibuzzpro Voiceshot and many more. Each person has a unique function; you will want to compare to see which system is best suited to you and your marketing objectives.
Imagine, start your job fairs, each time to hang up the prospect, you have someone willing and talk to you on the line. The number of each call, you will get an answering machine; your pre-recorded message is placed in the machine.
There are even some new system calls an explosion or voice broadcast feature, where you can leave your personal information, simply press a button, and hundreds of thousands of voice mail.
New auto dialer to spend too much emotion out of the equation, because efficiency through streamlined and fast to make the best use of every minute of prospects and sorting.
Will improve the efficiency of these quality call system, which is more important than ever to find a suitable balance between quality and cost, in order to ensure that you can purchase a telephone dial-up number, resulting in the power of your dialing system, you need to be fully utilized.
Since the whole point of auto-dialer is your ability to go through a lot of clues, looking for a lead generation company, to provide a larger number of clues to the preferential prices. The best price is usually elongated leads or clues telephone interview, slightly year-old.
Because the prospects of the Lead-year-old, does not mean accepting than when it is at a very high cost of production of the new. Because you improve the efficiency of the auto-dialer, you can even faster to keep the prospect than the old fashion way of the old-school marketing dialing dollar, who buy fresh premium lead.
When you do you search for a leading supplier of high-quality prospecting clues for your cloud based auto dialer or phone burner, you can also consider looking in.

How LeadsRain Services Benefits Your Company?

The call center is a human-driven company in the information technology-driven industries, rather than in the field of core IT classification. However, the call center needs to check what kind of technical infrastructure of the IT companies. In reality, a call center depends on their IT infrastructure because it depends on its effectiveness and potential human. There are several types of hardware and software required for call centers required to operate and manage its business. If a person is put together, the entire infrastructure investment costs, it requires thousands of dollars. For a large call center capital investment can be in the millions.
The service Leads rain provides not only the needs of a variety of infrastructure, hardware, software, call center but in a small part of the funding, there will be normal. Comprehensive turnkey solutions, predictive dialing, voice broadcasting and hosting IVR your call center can take care of all the necessary conditions.
Financial leverage our service is certainly a major benefit. A huge amount of investment into infrastructure, our services, you can easily focus on other core business areas at the same time, we ensure that you manage your business, the cost of the fee, so your work space and higher profit margins. Our hosted IVR, pre-dialing and voice broadcasting solutions, including the launch of a call center may be the possibility of countless entrepreneurs, or they will not be able to raise the necessary funds.
However, the economic advantage is not only benefits of using Leadsrain, service. The need of the hour is a state-of-the-state-of-the-art technology and ahead of the competition. Our predictive dialer software can help you best in the industry. No device, you cannot enjoy and automate every second incisive report, hundreds of calls instantly. Our voice broadcasting solutions, not only can a simple voice information to be communicated to thousands of people, but also to provide an interactive system, where you can get your customers involved in the campaign and consumers useful data and other information. With our hosted IVR, you can simplify your operations, reduce the attended call IVR can take care of most customer problems without any hassles.
Simply put, the complete solution, from Leadsrain predictive dialing, voice broadcast and hosted IVR call center more efficient, seriously implement its cost-effectiveness and expand it prompts a piece of cake.

Generate Leads – Choose Cloud Based Predictive Dialing software

Select predictive hosted call center dialing solutions than traditional dialing. Cloud computing is definitely the future, in this case, it’s just call centers around the world, the cloud predictive dialer is the most popular choice. However, the predictive dialer software hosted in the cloud, not just the decision to comply with the trend. There are many reasons behind the paradigm shift in preferences.
• Why did you choose the first one of the main reasons of the cloud-based predictive dialing software is its cost. The cloud predictive dialer does not need to buy. Hosted Dialer you do not pay, you do not buy any database server and you do not invest in building a CRM. Predictive dialing software is hosted in the cloud can be hired on the basis of the minutes of the call, the call center agent or total number of. Predictive dialers to start using cloud computing costs, otherwise you’ll have such a solution on your premise and investment is almost zero.
• In the early savings is not the only reason. There is a lot of money, you can save each month. Recurring expenses of operating any predictive dialing software. You will need a core IT management team, they will have to work twenty-four hours to ensure that the dialer is up and running. There are obvious maintenance issues, there are also technical failures. You also need to constantly upgrade the system, in order to keep in sync with the time. With our hosted dialer, you do not have to spend a dime or a minute thinking. We adhere to our cloud predictive dialer technology upgrades to ensure 24-hour run time, and do not have to worry about complex call center. Your savings each month can be a significant operating profit.
• If your predictive dialer software to support more agents will become the new round of investment, there is a considerable amount of planning, a lot of time in the process of recruitment and investment. Our predictive dialing software, all you have to do is to decide to expand the scale and infrastructure for you to get started in just a few hours.
Related interests, state of the art standard substances, the height analysis report and convenient IT support we just use the cloud predictive dialer additional allowance.