Fisherman Dialer

There are fishermen, and then there is the Predictive Dialer. How are the two sailing on the same boat? Here’s how.

ringless voicemail

Fisherman Dialer

There are 4 kinds of fishes when you’re fishing.

Ones who are alive

Ones who don’t want to get caught

Ones who are not available

And the ones where their voicemails are detected

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5 Most Useful tips to Create a Voicemail Greeting

Technology is welcomed with open arms nowadays. Innovation is the only key which helps your business in growth. Ringless voicemail is an efficacious way of reaching out to your existing customers as well as prospects without disturbing them.

What is Ringless Voicemail technology?

Ringless voicemail services are becoming very popular among collection agencies and telemarketers. Ringless voicemail is a cloud-based software system for communication. With ringless voicemail, the voicemail message entre directly without causing any disturbance in customers daily lives. With the voicemail, users will see a notification that “you have a new voicemail”.

Here are few tips to create a professional voicemail greeting


Use your smile to change the world, when you’re recording your voicemail message smiling will put some energy in your voice. when your caller will pick up your voicemail they feel more connected and feel comfortable when leaning you a message.

Add a personal touch

record your message as you’re talking with your caller personally. If your consumers feel that you’re sending a message to thousands of people they feel uninterested and dodge your message.

Speak with confidence

With confidence, you can accomplish what you set out to achieve. Confidence in your voice will help you in interaction as well as it convinces your users.

Speak Clearly

Speak too fast or too slow is your choice. but don’t mumble. Purpose of sending voicemail is you want your users to understand your greeting. The way you communicate with your users through sending voice mail is an example of how you’re communicating with people in real life.

Identify yourself

Remember your professional greeting is also your personal greeting. Tell your users your name, job title, and most important your companies name. With that you have to conscious with the recording length of your message, it should be minimum 15 second and maximum 30 seconds.

Here are some don’t,

  • As people don’t have the time and patients to sit and listen to your long story greeting. so, make your greeting short and simple as users will return their call to you as soon as possible.
  • Avoid playing music in your message greeting.
  • keep your message simple and professional, don’t make it a comedy message.

Day 261 Without Predictive Dialer: I Went Door-to-Door, Asking People To Sign Up.

Hope you don’t have to go through this disaster. LeadsRain has made sure that Predictive Dialer services are easier available to you than sex. Now it is easier to stay virgin than to not use predictive dialer, and it is in your best intentions. While this is just an adaptation of a trending meme, this is also true. It is certainly more effective to go door-to-door personally to get people to listen to your offers than to run a call-center without the predictive dialer software.

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Day 261 Without Predictive Dialer: I Went Door-to-Door, Asking People To Sign Up.

5 Things To Consider For An Effective Voice Broadcasting Messages

When brands look to adopt direct marketing technique, they look for the platform, not the quality of service. Representatives have remained adamant about the kind of direct marketing platform they would like to use, rather than study which one would bring them a better ROI. This is one of the growing problems in the marketing sector for industries. Sometimes, the experienced personnel can drive your campaign to better returns. Questions that we ask on a regular basis to our clients is about the philosophy that drove them to make these decisions about the direct marketing platform, and if they were open to considering some changes in this approach.

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5 Things To Consider For An Effective Voice Broadcasting Messages

How Ringless-ness Has Changed Business Approach

Wondering the true purpose of ringless-ness? The addition to the already convenient voicemail service is not to promote silent communication but rather deliver much greater marketing scheme than the existing one. It is observed that SMEs no(w) allocate their resources to accommodate RVM facility in their marketing scheme. One could call it a milestone for the RVM services. The current modulations in this field have occured to deliberate this pattern of identification towards the service. In other words, the direct marketing service providers understand the essence RVM holds among businesses and have accessorized its design, keeping this phenomena in mind. So what has given ringless voicemail such a high stature in the corporate world today?

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What Makes Ringless Voicemail the Apex Direct Marketing Technique?

Technology is welcomed with open arms today. Bring innovations to it, and it will kickoff instantly. Ringless Voicemail is certainly a mind-boggling technological advancement in the direct marketing segment. With its versatile utility, RVM not only becomes favorable in a variety of industrial segments, the features of our RVM makes its use possible on the personal level as well. So what really makes RVM such a widely acclaimed model of direct marketing?

Adaptive To Any Business Environment

What Makes Ringless Voicemail The Apex Direct Marketing Technique?